DAY 1 REGISTRATION - 15th December

Attend the Day 1 of Gamer Connect Bangalore spread across 20,000+ Sq. Ft. with 100+ gaming stations for 6000 avid gamers! Get ready for an action-packed weekend of high-end gaming experiences & challenges!



DAY 2 REGISTRATION - 16th December

Attend the Day 2 of Gamer Connect Bangalore spread across 20,000+ Sq. Ft. with 100+ gaming stations for 6000 avid gamers! Get ready for an action-packed weekend of high-end gaming experiences & challenges!


About Us

GamerConnect is the largest gaming technology showcase platform in India and we are coming to Bangalore. This is going to be our last event of 2018 and the biggest of all so far. Get ready to experience the best of PC Gaming.

We have partnered with few of the biggest names in gaming – NVIDIA, Dell, LG, Zotac and Corsair to name few. You get to experience the latest trends in PC Gaming like 4K and VR.

Here are few activities you can expect at GC Bangalore –

Product Launches | Gaming MODs | Cosplay | eSports | Quiz | Gaming Workshops and more

Play some of the latest games like Battlefield V, PUBG PC, Shadow of Tomb Raider, FIFA19, Final Fantasy to name few.

Register for the event right away and make sure you make your buddies register as well. This is free for all Gamers!!!


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Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India, 560078


Rakazone Gaming

Rakazone Gaming

Wackdance Gaming

Wackdance Gaming


Shagufta "Xyaa" Iqbal


Abhijit "Robo" Sadhu


Sunny "Gamerex" Singh


Ratul "Ratz" Sathish


Ankit "V3n0m" Panth


Inderpal "CosmicYT" Singh

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna

Sammar Deep

Sammar Deep

Vijay Sinha

Vijay Sinha


By Vamsi Krishna

The Game Around Gaming in India

In my 20years of work experience, the last 5 years were the most exhilarating and spent a significant amount of the time in building the - PC Gaming Ecosystem and Category. A gaming ecosystem that didn’t exist for a very long time. The gaming industry is now taking shape in India. There’s now an opportunity for us to, not just be as big as the other markets in the world, but in fact, lead the market. According to a CII report, the Indian gaming industry was valued at USD 543.08 million in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.61% which in my opinion is a conservative assumption

By Vamsi Krishna

Experience Battlefield V with new RTX

Real-time ray tracing is holy grail for Computer graphics. With the launch of our Turing GPU architecture for the very first time in the history of Computer graphics, Real-time ray tracing is made possible. Simulating the physical behavior of light to bring real-time, cinematic-quality rendering to even the most visually intense games like never before.

By Shagufta Iqbal

Be the last one standing with the new Fortnite GTX bundle 'Counterattack' !

Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in the popularity of various gaming genres. From the era of competitive games to the AAA titles, now we are currently seeing the rise of Battle Royale! Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games that the world has ever seen. It has over 200 million registered players, peaking at 8.3 million concurrent players. Epic Games and Nvidia have partnered to introduce a new GeForce bundle called the 'Counterattack' bundle which includes: - 2000 V-Bucks - Rare 'Reflex' Outfit - Rare 'Pivot' Glider - Uncommon 'Angular Axe' Pickaxe - 'Response Unit' Back Bling All you have to do is purchase one of the 3 qualifying graphic cards - GeForce GTX 1060, GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce GTX 1070 Ti or purchase pre-built desktops or laptops with those cards and you will get the 'Counterattack' bundle absolutely free. The bundle will last until Jan 29,2019. Enjoy the ultimate Battle Royale experience with GeForce GTX graphics and be the last one standing!

By Vamsi Krishna

GamerConnect | Bangalore

#GamerConnect is the largest gaming technology showcase platform for which we are proud to be the Title sponsor. In 2018 we have successfully executed 5 large events in the city of Pune, Guwahati, Indore, Chandigarh & Coimbatore where we connected with more than 12K gamers over the year. As we are nearing the end of 2018 we decided to end with a big bang by hosting the biggest event of the year this December.



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Join Captain Arya on livestream as he takes you through a tour of the entire gamerconnect venue along with a deep dive from all the participating brands as they talk about their latest offerings. Get a look at the best monitors from LG, most powerful gaming devices from ZOTAC and the best gaming laptops from Dell & Alienware! There are also exclusive showcases from our partners Corsair at the PUBG zone and Logitech at the Battlefield V zone!


Not just the number one GPU brand in India, Zotac has established themselves as one of the most popular gaming brands in the country. They are strengthening their position at the top with the launch of the new MEK Ultra; their refreshed lineup of prebuilt PC’s that are ready for plug n play action! Get a first look at these new devices as they are unveiled and check out performance at the ZOTAC booth!

LG, an industry leader in display technology has been known for their top of the line gaming monitors across all categories. Today we are thrilled to host LG’s launch of their brand new lineup of gaming monitors: Ultra Gear at Gamerconnect Bangalore. Be the first to check out the new monitors as they are unveiled and get your hands on them exclusively at the event

Get the low down on the best gaming laptops from Dell & Alienware and stand a chance to compete with Team Brutality in a special CS GO Mini Tournament and show off your skills!

Join veteran cosplayer Vijay Sinha for the daily cosplay showcase with the top 3 contestants taking home some awesome prizes !

Join the workshop to learn potential game opportunities in the Gaming Industry and the skillsets to thrive in the industry.

Learn how to jumpstart your streaming career by attending this workshop hosted by popular Livstreamers, Sikhwarrior and Rakazone.

Learn the basics of PC Modding from LXG and Corsair. To get the most out of this session, you should have some previous experience with upgrading or building your PC.

Join the GC Mod judges as they talk to all the modders about their amazing creations . Witness some of the best mods from around the country as they go head to head for the title of GC Mod Champion!

Join veteran cosplayer Vijay Sinha for the daily cosplay showcase as the top 3 contestants will take home some awesome prizes !

Meet Ankit 'Venom' Panth and understand his journey in becoming one of the best CS:GO personalities in the world. 

Learn how to build the fastest PC for your application (Gaming, Video Editing, 3D Rendering etc.) at various budgets.

Learn the nuances of Game Development from Ogre Head Studios. Ogre Head Studio is an independent video game company based in Hyderabad, India. They make original games inspired by Indian myth and culture for the world to enjoy. 

Participant Profile

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Game Developers

Pro eSports

Gaming Brands

MOD Showcase

The entry of Thanos into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in itself is an iconic one and the power that flows through the Infinity Gauntlet gave us the idea to create a symbolic case that throws raw power and an explanation of bringing balance to the universe. We decided to play around this concept of power and balance it out with a basic build.

If you wish to buy this mod:

Designer: Bilal Moolji


Phone: 9821917378


Inspired by the popular 2018 series, "Batman Ninja", this mod was built by one of the top modders in the country, Pramod Hambir of Havok Nation.

If you wish to buy this mod: Click here -

Designer: Pramod Hambir


Phone: 9960417287

XRIG’s Tesseract is a small-form-factor computer turned into functional art. It’s the world’s first color changing, glow in the dark PC with a 7 layer custom paintjob executed by one of India’s best painters along with a charging station which uses ultraviolet light to supercharge the cube. It features thermal pigment which reacts to the PC chassis’s heat, phosphorescent pigment which absorbs light rays and a metallic circuit design to complete the silicon look. All this aesthetic beauty is backed by raw performance of the lastest PC hardware from NVIDIA/Intel and industrial cooling equipment by Noctua.

If you wish to buy this Mod. Click here -

Designer - Aditya Prasad

Email -

Phone Number - 9830344888




With the popularity of the game PUBG, we decided that a mod based on the most tempting object of the game would be just apt to enjoy while actually playing the game. The Airdrop consists of items required to survive in the game just like your Gaming PC Components which you need to survive and win in the game . The Airdrop package is just the perfect fit for a PC case mod based on the popular game title

If you wish to buy this Mod. -

Designer - Bilal Moolji

Email -

Phone Number - 9821917378

Inspired by the popular survival horror game, "The Evil Within", this mod uses custom paint with a polished finish

Mod Name: Blackout
Designer: Maulik Patel
Mobile - 9067020210
Website -
Email -

If you wish to buy this mod -


Thermaltake’s custom cooling solution is always eye cacher And to create something exceptional in PC build we used LCS to make our build cooler , sexier and RGB Filled.

Mod details

Designer - Nishikant Bhavsar
Phone Number - 7566446343
Email - 

If you wish to buy this MOD -

The Goal with Colossal is to fit the maximum amount of compute power possible in the minimum amount of space while still using standard-desktop components without compromising thermal performance. We also didn’t want it to look like a computer so we gave it a modern urban-grunge inspired paintjob.

Mod Name - Colossal
Designer - Aditya Prasad
Email -
Website -
Phone Number - 9830344888

If you wish to buy this mod then click here -


A tribute to one of my favourite Overwatch Characters - Zenyatta. It has vinyl cutouts and stickers, with custom sleeved Cables and RGB lighting.

Mod Details

Mod Name - Transcendence
Designer - Karthik S
Email -
Website -
Phone Number - 9900012171

If you wish to buy this mod then click here -


Inspired by the popular anime, "Dragon Ball Z", this mod has shades of blue, orange and yellow which complement the main colors of the main series. Also the lighting is set to an orange red to match with the main colors of the Anime. The main character, "Son Goku" is also printed in the front of the case

Designer - Vinay Agrawal
Email -    Website -
Mobile - 9545454941

If you wish to buy -




The UMX5 is the quintessential Liquid-Cooled Tower-PC with a twist, instead of watercooling the GPU, we decided to retain the stock air-cooler and compliment it’s design by mounting it vertically and tracing it’s original design onto a transparent backlit-armor. Other highlights include a custom shroud, custom sleeved cables and custom lighting. The build is characterized by acute attention to detail, a layout to draw focus on the GPU/Armor and the massive, monolithic aluminum chassis everything is housed in

Designer - Aditya Prasad
Email -
Website -
Mobile No. - 9830344888

If you wish to buy this mod -